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The Most Detailed Post in the History of Vaporizer: Everything You Need to Know About Vaporizer (Part Two)
Release Time:2021-11-18 Author/Source:DrHemp


WHY Cannabis ? Every beautiful leaf of hemp must be the hope that the creator has given to those who firmly believe.
NFD&FDA&NIH authoritatively endorsed the medical value of cannabinoids: NFD survey results showed that 96% of consumers who actively tried to reduce the use of prescription drugs succeeded in replacing them with cannabis; With the adoption of more favorable cannabis laws around the world, consumers are increasingly using cannabis to treat various diseases, which are now beyond the scope of pain and anxiety. FDA expressed its support for further research on medicinal efficacy of cannabis, and outlined the clinical research process of developing cannabis-derived drugs; The research on the medical application of cannabis has widely established its use as an antiemetic and mild analgesic; These characteristics help to establish cannabis as a feasible palliative intervention, especially for patients receiving chemotherapy or otherwise managing chronic debilitating symptoms. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has affirmed the therapeutic potential of cannabis, claiming that "drugs containing cannabinoids may help to treat some rare forms of epilepsy, nausea and vomiting related to cancer chemotherapy, as well as loss of appetite and weight loss related to HIV/AIDS." In addition, the National Institutes of Health pointed out that "some evidence shows that cannabis or cannabinoids have certain benefits for chronic pain and symptoms of multiple sclerosis", although "the research of cannabis or cannabinoids in the treatment of other diseases is still at an early stage." The reference article is linked here.Medical marijuana is the hope of patients like The Shawshank Redemption? -Looking at the growth and drastic changes of American health care from marijuana
WHY atomization? From the point of view of bioavailability, atomized CBD is the most worthy of consideration. According to the investigation of authoritative organizations, atomized CBD is indeed the most promising product embodiment at present. Atomization can reach up to 60%! The reference article is linked here.[Eat? Suck? Drop? Wipe? Eat? 】 What is the best way to [marijuana] CBD?
WHY atomizer? At the request of the Muggles, the doctor has copied and coded the most detailed post in the history of atomizer. I hope that lovely Muggles will have a deep understanding of the definition, development history, type, heating mode, atomizing material, temperature control, heating time, power supply setting, warranty period and price level of atomizer. The reference article is linked here.The most detailed post in the history of atomizer: everything you need to know about atomizer (part one)
WHY marijuana atomizer? With all the above preparations, Muggles have a professional and unique perspective on the product situation of cannabis atomizer. In this issue, the doctor can't wait to find the strongest cannabis atomizer in history from the technical analysis of atomizer with you!
Cannabidiol CBD (CBD) is one of the most popular cannabinoids. CBD has many application fields, such as spiritual, anti-inflammatory and so on, so I won't repeat them here. It is an indisputable fact that the medical cannabis market is growing and the number of users is growing, but which method is the most appropriate? Atomization, of course, has quick effect and high bioavailability. What kinds of cannabis are there? Which atomization method is most suitable for CBD?

1. What are the categories of cannabis atomizer in the market?
At present, there are three types of cannabis atomizers on the market: heating atomization, pressure atomization and ultrasonic atomization. Sharing around the much-watched cannabidiol CBD is as follows:
1.The principle of heating atomization is to heat CBD above its boiling point to form CBD aerosol for people to inhale. Commercially available products include Volcano, Multifunction, various CBD electroniccigarettes,etc.

2. The principle of pressurized atomization is to dissolve CBD in oil solution, use high-pressure airflow to break CBD oil into fine particles below 10μ m, and then slow down and inhale it by human body. The representative company is CannaNeb.

3. The principle of ultrasonic atomization is that CBD is made into a clear or translucent water solution by solubilization, emulsification and other means, which is added to a commercial ultrasonic atomizer and atomized into droplets of about 10μ m by electromagnetic vibration. The representative company is some cosmetic companies that use water-soluble CBD as raw material and combine ultrasonic atomizer to carry out concept propaganda.

2. Which atomization method is most suitable for CBD?

The doctor interviewed Kai, an R&D expert of Hanyi Biotechnology, to share:

1, heating and atomizing

It is the most reasonable way to directly atomize CBD into aerosol, inhale it directly into the lungs and enter the blood circulation, avoiding the first-pass effect and having high bioavailability.

2. Pressurized atomization

Oil such as MCT needs to be added as solvent, and the inhalation sensation is very poor after pressurized atomization, and the inhalation of oil also damages the lungs, so it is not recommended.

3. Ultrasonic atomization

Ultrasonic atomization needs to make water-insoluble CBD into atomized inhalation, which is not recommended because of its low drug loading and bitter taste.
Therefore, heating atomization is the preferred atomization method in CBD.

3. The most famous brand of cannabis atomizer in the world?

Cannabis atomizer has been used in medical field. Although the related patents appeared more than ten years ago, it was only recently that they were made and promoted as products. The two most classic and well-known brand products are shared as follows:

1、Volcano Vaporizer
Volcano is celebrating its 20th birthday, and VOLCANO CLASSIC is the first product. Over the years, VOLCANO has been sought after by connoisseurs and has become a status symbol of users. VOLCANO CLASSIC is the flagship product and the most famous atomizer on the market. What many people don't know is that when VOLCANO CLASSIC was launched in 2000, it served a niche market as one of the first atomizers with good functions in the world.
In 1996, Markus Storz read an article suggesting that herbs don't have to burn, but they can also be inhaled in a milder way by evaporation. He was immediately fascinated by this idea and built himself an evaporator using a glass tube and a hot air gun. The operation method immediately convinced him, but in the long run, the treatment of the hot-air gun structure was very laborious. So Markus decided to build a device that can be easily used. Until 1996, Markus Storz developed Volcano Vaporizer in his basement using a hot air gun. Volcano was originally developed for the medical community. It uses a "forced air heating system", which pushes hot air towards the material to produce atomized flow, which is stored in a balloon bag with a blowing nozzle. Two years after Storz completed his first prototype, the patent of Volcano balloon bag was registered. The world of smoking will never be the same again.
Storz introduced Volcano to the European market in 2000, which was praised by consumers. Seeing the potential of success, Jugen Bickel joined Storz in 2002, thus forming Storz & Bickel. In 2003, the first batch of 110v equipment was launched for the American market, and the company expanded rapidly. Volcano's medical-grade materials and quality management system made their company the first batch of medical atomizer certification in history, which consolidated Storz & Bickel's position as a true pioneer in atomization field.

2 SyqeAir

Syqe is an innovative MedTech company, which has developed a unique technology for delivering medical marijuana by inhalation in a metered, accurate and consistent form. SyqeAir inhaler is a unique platform for effective and safe medical cannabis treatment according to clinical standards: minimizing pain, minimizing adverse events, and restoring patients' best quality of life and daily functions. Syqe metered-dose inhaler has been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health, and patients need to buy it in a specific pharmacy with medical prescription. SyqeAir inhaler is a groundbreaking medical device used to manage accurate, consistent and metered doses of THC extracted from medical cannabis. This is a unique technical development, which allows clinical standard treatment, and its dosage can achieve the best balance between relieving pain and minimizing psychological adverse events.
SyqeAir inhaler combines a number of pioneering technologies to make the use of inhaler easy and simple, with the best, accurate and consistent effect. Here are three of them:
Mechanism of precise electronic dose administration in 250 μ g units: 250 μ g, 500 μ g, 750 μ g and 1,000 μ g (refer to Δ9-THC).
Activity Everyone is characterized by different duration and intensity of inhalation. ActiveFlow™ mechanism is responsible for creating the optimal flow rate in real time during inhalation to ensure the accurate and uniform dose of THC in each inhalation, no matter how it is performed.
Patients who try to use medical inhalers with PulseBreath™ know that it is a difficult task to adapt to the manufacturer's instructions. In practice, poor implementation of the manufacturer's instructions does not guarantee that the full dose prescribed for patients will reach the destination.
The PulseBreath™ mechanism combined with the ActiveFlow™ mechanism can ensure that all THC reaches the lungs, thus improving its absorption in the body.

In conclusion

Volcano is a classic cannabis atomizer. Unfortunately, it is difficult to accurately quantify it by inhaling it through a gas storage bag, and it is easy for drugs to pass through cannabis leaves and leaves with many impurities. The doctor couldn't help thinking: Is there a CBD dedicated atomizer with direct inhalation and accurate quantification?
Syqe is easy to carry, but the dosage of 1-3mg is really small, and the airflow needs to breathe actively. It is more suitable for THC atomization when inhaled quickly, and CBD is difficult to atomize. The doctor couldn't help thinking: Is there an exclusive atomizer with a large amount of single atomization and specially suitable for CBD?
Atomization provides a new way to give full play to the efficacy of CBD. The characteristics of high absorption rate, high bioavailability and portability make it a new trend of CBD intake. People who are deeply involved in CBD atomizer must hope to relieve the pain of as many patients as possible in the fastest way, so they are determined to use advanced technology to make CBD treatment a standardized treatment.
The doctor is very happy to hear a good news about the new CBD atomizer, which is not only accurate in quantification and large in single atomization, but also quick in effect, free of any additives, accurate in temperature control and rechargeable.
The search for the strongest cannabis atomizer in history continues, and the doctor will decompose it next time, so stay tuned ~